More than 100 Occupy Boston Protesters Are Arrested So As Not to Damage Shrubs


Occupy rallies and protests have been happening all over the country since the movement began at Wall Street 25 days ago, with arrests occasionally punctuating the effort, as we saw last Wednesday after the massive march from Foley Square to Zuccotti Park. One of the latest mass arrest incidents happened in Boston early this morning, with more than 100 protesters reportedly arrested after clashing with cops. The main reason for these arrests, which happened when some 1,000 demonstrators tried to expand from Dewey Square, where Mayor Menino says they may stay, into the Rose Kennedy Greenway? Landscaping.

Officials want to keep the protesters out of the greenway, fearing they will ruin recently planted shrubs that cost the city $150,000, according to The Associated Press.

And from the Boston Globe:

Officials do not want the protesters, who originally settled in Dewey Square, to occupy the space across Congress Street on the Greenway because it recently underwent a renovation project where expensive improvements were added, according to Elaine Driscoll, police spokeswoman.

The cops apparently warned protesters “before the arrests began.” They were given two minutes to leave the Greenway, but a group stayed, chanted, and then was arrested. No protesters or cops were injured, though one cop was hit in the face.

Mayor Menino says that though he agrees with the protesters on the issues, they shouldn’t be allowed to “tie up the city.” (Or, it seems, ruin any fancy bushes.)

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