Chelsea Elliott, Pepper-Sprayed by NYPD, Plans to Join Kaylee Dedrick in Pressing Charges


Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that Kaylee Dedrick, a 24-year-old teacher’s aide and one of the five Occupy Wall Street protesters pepper-sprayed by an NYPD officer on Saturday, September 24, has, via her attorney, Ronald Kuby, asked Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance to file assault charges against the man identified as the pepper-spraying cop, Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna. Kuby has also demanded that Bologna be placed under arrest.

Via the Journal,

Her lawyer wrote that she was treated at the emergency room after the pepper-spray incident and “suffered serious physical pain as a result of this attack.”

Under the New York Police Department’s Patrol Guide, Kuby noted in the letter, pepper spray may be used in “non-arrest situations only to subdue an emotionally disturbed person or against a dangerous animal.”


Kuby wrote that “there is no reason, except politics, to delay charging and arresting D.I. Bologna.” The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the NYPD [who have both stated that they are investigating the matter of the pepper spraying] declined to comment on Kuby’s letter.

We got in touch with another pepper-sprayed protester, Chelsea Elliott, who shared her story with us after the incident. She says that she, too, has obtained legal counsel and will be pressing charges. “I am doing in an effort to change police policy and so that Deputy Inspector Bologna will no longer have to opportunity to assault civilians,” she said.

Officer’s Arrest Sought in Pepper-Spray Incident [WSJ]

Update: Elliott is pursuing a civil case against the NYPD.

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