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Greg Washington, Worst Squeegee Man in NYC, Has Been Arrested 186 Times


Greg (Grover) Washington, who the Daily News has dubbed “the squeegee king of New York” was arrested for the 186th time on Tuesday, making him not only the squeegee king of New York but possibly the king of New York City arrests. The trouble with Washington is not his squeegee, per se — it’s that he is really bad with rejection. Lt. Patrick Heraghty explained, “He goes up [to cars] and squeegees … and when he doesn’t get paid, he breaks the windshield wiper or assaults the driver.”

That is not good squeegee!

About half of Washington’s arrests are for cleaning windshields and then demanding payment for something that no one really asked for in the first place, which sounds like a bad place to be in, emotionally.

Last month the Daily News reported on a squeegee resurgence following Giuliani’s 1990s crackdown, which made the guys with the little windshield wipers into a nostalgic relic for some. But now that they’re sort of back, they must be conquered! Bloomberg is also anti squeegee: “The Police Department has a lot to do, but we’re not walking away from squeegee guys when they rear their heads,” he said.

Now we’re going to have that image in our heads all day.

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