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Joe Franklin Picks Up His Copy of the Voice


From our East Village blog pal EV Grieve comes this photo of a very dapper-looking Joe Franklin, New York City celebrity, the man credited with having hosted the very first television talk show, a man who got to appear as himself in Ghostbusters. Also, a Village Voice reader!

It looks like Joe got this copy of the Voice at 14th Street and 2nd Avenue. We spoke to him today by phone and he clarified that this was not this week’s issue, though, he says, “I love that paper, I quote from it on my radio show…I read it every week!”

Aw, thanks!

If you’re not in the vicinity of any Village Voice boxes, feel free to read your copy online. There’s a new issue out today.

Today in Joe Franklin sightings on Second Avenue [EV Grieve]

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