Leonardo To Go Gay Again?


Fresh off playing J. Edgar Hoover, Leonardo DiCaprio is being buzzed about to play a less closety gay.

According to The Guardian, he’s supposedly the frontrunner to play Alan Turing, the math wiz who helped break the Nazi code but who was broken himself when his homosexuality came out.

The script, titled The Imitation Game, has just been bought, and Leo’s name is being bandied about along with possible director Ron Howard (who hopefully won’t repeat his A Beautiful Mind shtick of draining all the gay stuff).

Turing was a big gay, and, as lemonwade reminds us, his sexuality was roundly punished in the criminalizing U.K.

In fact, he “was forced to undergo ‘chemical castration’ as an alternative to prison.”

Turing later died of cyanide poisoning and was declared a suicide (though his mother felt he’d accidentally ingested the cyanide after an experiment).

A tragic story — and unlike Hoover, he didn’t even have nice gowns to play with.

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