Momofuku Wedding Cakes: Too Crumbly?


Christina Tosi’s Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook comes out later this month, and there’s a whole section about the “crumb,” the nubby bits of sugar and spice that plump up the shop’s beloved pies and cakes. Tosi herself is a big fan of the crumb, but it seems like other people aren’t as into it. Looks like one of the bakery’s cakes (or a really, really good Momofuku Milk Bar replica) made it onto pitiful-cake-disasters blog Cake Wrecks.

The cake in question looks like the birthday-cake base (vanilla with Funfetti-ish sprinkles), vanilla icing, and lots of crumb around the bottom. Truth be told, it doesn’t seem too bad compared with the cakes normally found on Cake Wrecks, but then again, this crumbly concoction isn’t exactly what we have planned out for our big day, either.

Update: Milk Bar says it isn’t their cake. Which is good, but which also means someone is ripping off their style, like whoa. Can’t trademark a cake like that Crack Pie, though.

[Via @hels]

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