Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party Merchandizers Do Battle On ebay


Via the Drudgereport and Don Surber, a blogger for the Charleston Daily Mail, the online auction site ebay now features some 1,200 Occupy Wall Street items for sale. Yes, kids, time to get those radical t-shirts, bumper stickers, and buttons. Awesome!

There’s a “Corporate Greed” t-shirt, a button that reads “Castrate the Bull,” another which reads “Eat the Rich, a third which says, “Jail the Banksters,” and a fourth which mystifyingly reads, “anti-corporate punk equality.” There’s also a company which will personalize a t-shirt for your particular city. And a personal favorite: “I went to Wall Street and all I got was this t-shirt … and arrested!”

“I figure the products are being aimed at the young and dumb crowd that is watching this retro-protest safely from their homes in suburbia,” Surber writes.

Of course, in fairness to the left, there are about as many “Tea Party” items for sale on ebay, 1,400 in all–including a bumper sticker with a photo of Ronald Reagan and the tag: “Avenge Me.” Another accuses the government of “stealing wealth” since 1913. A t-shirt carries a portrait of Uncle Sam, saying “I want you…to speak English.” Come on, would Uncle Sam really say that?

Is it any wonder things have ground to a halt. How can you think with all this shouting?


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