Police Arrest One Suspect in Brooklyn Sex Attacks, Others Remain At Large


The NYPD has taken a suspect into custody for one of the attacks in the series that’s haunted south Brooklyn since March. Adolfo Martinez, 26, of Sunset Park was taken into custody last night around 9 p.m. in connection with a groping on Monday night in that neighborhood. Martinez was identified from surveillance footage and the victim’s description. He hasn’t been charged with additional crimes, though other women who’ve been victimized in the area viewed him in lineups yesterday and today.

Don’t get too excited: police have said there may be as many as three suspects in the 12 attacks (and one rape) in the pattern that has been in motion since March, meaning one or two people are at large. There is also a fifth (!) police sketch now. How many sexual predators are involved in this?

According to a detective at DCPI, Martinez was arrested for only the one crime. As for the total number of suspects, we couldn’t get a firm answer. Cops have said before that it’s three, but DCPI told us that the number is not set in stone.

As a reminder, there are new programs to help women in the area to protect themselves, including free self-defense classes, a Safe Walk program via community group Safe Slope, and a bike patrol. We’ll update as more details on this new development come through.

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