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Times Square Hotel Offers $5,000-a-Night Suite Full of Wax Figures and Fake Blood


You know how sometimes you just want to get away from the daily grind and relax in a fancy hotel room somewhere, where you can hide away and order room service and lie in a giant, plush bed that you pray doesn’t have bedbugs? Well, the Marriott’s Renaissance Hotel at Times Square understands your need (and, apparently, your deep love of Halloween) and they’ve created a package just for you! It’s called “Dare to Check-In,” is being offered for four nights only from October 28 to the 31st, and will only cost you $5,000 a night. Daring all hotel convention, it is on the 13th floor and features a bunch of “crazy Madame Tussauds wax figures, séance setting with over 100 candles, bones and scary items behind every door and even in the shower.”

With tormented hands reaching through the walls, surprise visits from beyond the grave, a sinister séance for those who dare, and scary surprises around every corner, this ultimate Halloween suite is sure to frighten every guest.

Plus, complimentary “monster mash” cupcakes and in-room horror films for your stay. Adding to the general excitement of this offer, Blake Lively (the real her, not the wax her) stopped by last week and sipped on a bloody martini! Book your own Halloween adventure by calling 212-765-7676.

If you’re not going to be in New York on Halloween weekend (or would never in a million years spend $5,000 on a hotel room, much less one full of creepy Halloween stuff), other Renaissance Hotels are featuring “smaller Halloween tricks and treats.”

Alternatively, you could just walk around town on October 31. As the old aphorism goes, the cheaper the creepy, the more likely it is to terrify you. Though, in truth, this is pretty terrifying:

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