Toby Keith Takes A Stand In The Red Solo Cup Vs. Blue Solo Cup Debate


Today in new drinking songs that you will probably hear at some point, no matter how removed from mainstream country culture you believe you might be: “Red Solo Cup,” Toby Keith’s ode to those disposable party cups that you can buy by the sleeve and write your name on so that nobody makes off with your beer while you’re at a party. Over a deliberately plucked banjo and a shuffling beat, Keith tipsily unfurls his reasons for deciding on big red cups as his party drinking vessel of choice. But there’s so much more buried within—the lyrics have a dis of Freddie Mac! The video has an inexplicable cameo by former Major League pitcher/Mets-fan antagonist Roger Clemens at the end (to be fair, the collection of famous people who are shown enjoying their cups seems to be deliberately trolly—Carrot Top and Ted Nugent and Clemens? surely this is designed for maximum Internet “wtf, that guy!” virality)!

Slate took an extended look at the anthropological history of the red Solo cup, partly in honor of Keith’s song, last week. But can we talk about the music again for a second? It’s like someone turned “Big Yellow Joint” into an actual thing!

Oh, Toby Keith, well played. Especially since I am going to need a crowbar, or perhaps a red Solo cup full of high-proof liquor, in order to get that chorus out of my head.



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