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Animated ‘Subway Surfer’ More Amusing Than Actual ‘Subway Surfer’


First things first, let’s get the semantics down: A surfer stands on top; a skylarker clings to the edge of the train. Both are bad, but you have rare opportunities to use the word “skylarker,” so, use it now! In other news, remember that guy who became something of a faux-Internet-celebrity when the video of him skylarking (yes, in a sentence!) went kind of viral? Well, he’s now been animated.

The thing about the animation is, we don’t actually have to feel bad when he falls because, you know, it’s just a cartoon! On the other hand, we recommend everyone steer clear of this behavior whether they’re a cartoon or not. Taking the subway is simple: Get on, get where you’re going, get off. Skylark at home, if you must, and leave the rest of us out of it.

NYC’s Subway Surfer Gets Animated [Animal New York]

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