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Best 99-Cent Store


Even without a lingering recession, Jack’s would be the de rigueur bargain store in town, thanks to the variety of cheap stuff they have that can fill your hopes and dreams—and house—for a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else. Why buy Fantastik for three-plus bucks when Jack’s sells Fabulous for a mere dollar, and it’s virtually the same thing! The same goes for Jack’s paper towels, glass cleaner, and tissues, not to mention dollar pasta, clam sauce, pickles, and just about everything else any normal person needs in order to get through a week’s grind. The 45th Street Jack’s isn’t really a 99-cent store, but the 40th Street one is (with an occasional item soaring to $1.29), and the 32nd Street one gives you the best of everything—three floors of necessities, going from groceries and greeting cards on the ground floor to slightly more expensive household and gift items on the second floor to a third level of cosmetics and fancy food products. Best of all, you never have to hide your head in shame, seeing as how other fabulous people proudly shop there, too. Why wouldn’t they? 110 West 32nd Street, 212-268-9962 (10001); 16 East 40th Street, 212-696-5767 (10016); 45 West 45th Street, 212-354-6888 (10036);

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