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Best Class to Get in Shape Enough to Be In a Lady Gaga Video


We’ve thought about trading in our 9-to-5 lifestyle and joining the extravagant Lady Gaga on tour as one of her backup dancers. The only problem is . . . we’re not dancers. Here’s DivaDance to the rescue! This class teaches you an entire routine once a week for a month, which means it’s not your basic Zumba/gym dance class. It’s a detailed step-by-step course with a choreographer that shows dance lovers (not experts) how to move flawlessly through a routine—all the while having a blast and burning calories. Before the start of the month, you get to choose one dance routine from today’s hottest pop stars like Gaga and Beyoncé, which you get to show off on stage in a recital at the end of the course in front of friends and family. And you never know who’ll be in the audience. Red Bean Studios, 320 West 37th Street (10018); 440 Studios, 440 Lafayette Street (10003); 646-450-1440;

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