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Let’s admit it: Rex Ryan is the most entertaining football coach New York has ever had. He makes Bill Parcells seem like a mere drill instructor and Tom Coughlin like a junior college coach. And he’s not a bad coach, either, putting Gang Green in line for the Big Game two years in a row. Yet there’s a certain reluctance among area sports fans to call him a great football coach. This can only be because Ryan has failed to live up to some standards—those set by himself. Which means, of course, winning the Super Bowl. Still, by the standards of just about anybody else, Sexy Rexy has been damned good. In January, Bill Maher said the cure for the Jets’s ills this season might be to just “shut up and play.” We don’t care about the shut-up part, just the playing. Rex and the Jets can continue to talk, so long as they punch it through from the one-yard line in key situations—like they didn’t do against Pittsburgh in the AFC championships game.

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