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Monday nights are really the perfect time to go out dancing: It’s the beginning of the week, you’re already a zombie, and you need to get out that pent-up energy from sleeping in and stuffing your face with brunch all weekend. The Good Kids, a newly formed crew of current and former downtown art students who fell into hosting parties this summer, throws a boisterous dance party on Monday nights at shabby-chic subterranean Lower East Side hangout Home Sweet Home. Get there in time for the 11-11:30 p.m. open bar; stay for the sweaty, intimate dance floor, where you’ll hear everything from classic ’90s hip-hop to forward-thinking electronic music spun by DJs just starting out. The atmosphere is hipster-heavy, with a large dose of black asymmetrical clothes and ironic accessories. But it’s not intimidating, and even if it were, you’ll be too busy dancing to care. 131 Chrystie Street, 212-226-5708, (10002)

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