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Best Fabulously Unfabulous Gay Bar


Nowhere Bar could really be just about anywhere, with its unpretentiously comfortable Anytown, U.S.A., rec room feeling, straight out of the 19th century, decor-wise, but with a distinct hint of Twin Peaks-like eccentricity. The floors are wood, the walls are brick, and past the long bar and the single video screen (usually showing something wonderfully obscure and static), there’s a pool table, a side alcove, and for even more privacy, a divey nook in the far back with a single strand of lights adorning the wall. The jukebox that’s often off (in favor of DJ music) and the faux fireplace add to the down-home weirdness, which the neighborhood gays find heaven, from “Macho” Mondays to “Numbers” Saturdays and beyond. One of the best-known nights, “Buddies” Tuesdays, attracts “bears, cubs, admirers, and friends”—and sometimes those friends are even lesbians. Yes, this ultra-relaxed hangout usually gets an actual mix of LGBT people—so maybe it couldn’t be just anywhere but the East Village. 322 East 14th Street, 212-477-4744 (10003)

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