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Best Happy Hour


The two most important things in judging a happy hour are the length of that “hour” and the price of the happy. Drop-Off Service serves on both counts, with a daily happy hour that spans from opening until 8 p.m., featuring $3 imperial (20 ounces, meaning large) pints. Which is a lot of happy. (Other happy-hour specials include “ALL drinks half price, not just crap well liquor” as they put it on their website.) So, the basics are covered, but along with that, the bar is dog-friendly; has more than 26 British, German, Belgian, and other tastefully selected beers on tap from beer lines cleaned once a week, a good selection of wines, and a great jukebox; and offers meat pies and sausage rolls from Tuck Shop in case you need some munchies. What’s up with the name? It used to be a laundromat, which you can tell your friends and sound all kinds of knowledgeable when you bring them here for cheap drinks. 211 Avenue A, 212-260-2914, (10009)

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