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For the basic, workmanlike needs of your average stoner, New York is easytown. There are more opportunities to buy a hitter or cheap pipe on a short walk down Canal Street than exist in some states in the union. But for the demanding connoisseur, options dwindle. And though dedicated heads might insist that better deals are to be found on the Internet, some people want to handle that four-foot bong before they put their money down. And the best place for that is Blue Nile. These guys have a pretty impressive selection of high-end glassware from the likes of Roor, Medicali, and Toro. They also stock vaporizers, volcanoes, and several shelves of more humble pieces, along with a somewhat staggering selection of rolling papers. Don’t like the price on that Jerome Baker beauty? Make a counteroffer. They might cut you a deal. Really, they just want to help you find the perfect paraphernalia for your strictly legal, tobacco-smoking-only pleasure. 324 Bleecker Street, 646-336-1118 (10014)

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