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With an even quicker tongue than Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Bianca Del Rio has a quip for every occasion and a smear for every upstart. Like other up-to-the-minute comics, the New Orleans–born drag queen shatters stereotypes by embracing them—i.e., she doesn’t really think Asians only do nails and laundry, but she’ll invoke those clichés to get a laugh that raises eyebrows and deflates rigid thought. Like the best insult comics, Bianca won’t skewer you unless she cares, so while some of her audience members cower (at clubs like Splash and Bowery Poets Club; and on Bianca’s Logo-televised concert appearances), terrified of being picked on, anyone sensible will rise to the occasion and beg for it. Bianca’s soundest advice to fellow drag queens? “Never wear an ill-fitting green dress that’ll make you look like moldy sausage in its casing,” and “always know when to wash your wigs. After all, you wouldn’t want to walk around looking like Tyra Banks’s broke-down uncle.”

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