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Behind a locked gate in a basement in Gowanus lies a wonderland. The Film Biz Prop Shop has all the things you might count on a warehouse of second-hand whatnots to have: super-cheap drinking glasses, end tables, lamps. But as its name suggests, the Film Biz Prop Shop is no ordinary junk-recycling operation—it’s stocked with pedigreed castoffs from old TV and movie sets. Which means that among the mismatched chairs and old VCRs is more exotic fare—the kind of unexpected and inexplicable stuff that makes browsing a constant delight. Perhaps a well-used female stunt dummy is just the thing to adorn that bare corner? Or maybe you’re in the market for a Super-8 camera, a $30 antique typewriter, miscellaneous hubcaps, or an antique wooden commode? Especially wonderful are the pre-sorted containers of thematically related items, bearing evocative labels like “Luau,” “Party Favors,” “Keys,” and “Sex.” Some of the most tantalizing items are only available to rent, but maybe you need the oversized disco ball and fake prosciutto for just a week or two anyway. 540 President Street, Brooklyn, 347-384-2336, (11215)

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