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No contest. José Reyes has finally become the player everyone always said he was. In truth, except for injuries, he has been there for some time. What in the world do you want in a ballplayer that this guy doesn’t give you? He’s one of the best shortstops in the league, he might be the best base runner, and he is a switch hitter who hits to all fields and whose power is better than his home-run totals would indicate. (His slugging percentage is up there with that of the home-run leaders.) He won the batting title and was at or near the top in triples, runs, and stolen bases all season. He’s the most exciting player on the team—and in the league. The Mets are nuts if they talk themselves out of signing Reyes—forget the cash flow out and think of the cash he brings in. And the Yankees are even crazier if they have a chance to sign him and don’t. And after becoming the only Met in the team’s history to win the batting title, how did the New York press send him off? By whining because he only got a “bunt single” in the last game—does it make a difference whether it was a bunt or line drive?—and complaining that he was taken out of the game so he couldn’t hurt his batting average. This at a time when the Yankees were practically starting their Triple A team in game after game. Whatever Carl Crawford got from the Red Sox, Reyes deserves twice that.

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