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We like plaster dinosaurs and windmills as much as the next folks, but once in a while, it’s nice to do your putting in peaceful pastoral surroundings. If you’re like us, once a year, you want to bust out for that big miniature golfing gig—you know, the kind that Rory McIlroy might want to play on his day off—and the ideal place is Randall’s Island Mini Golf. Stone bridges and waterfalls are designed to calm you rather than distract you. There are two 18-hole courses, both of which are tricky and amusing rather than annoying. For the restless in your group who might require something more strenuous, there are batting cages and a driving range. Prices are more than reasonable. Bonus: Keep your ball on the last hole, and you can play a second round even more cheaply. There is also a first-rate café in addition to the usual snack-bar offerings. Randall’s Island, 212-427-5689, (10035)

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