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Ever look at a cute little pooch on the street and think, “Why, that canine is dressed better than me”? Most likely the dog shops at DoggyStyle NYC, where you can find all kinds of stylish getups, such as little cashmere turtlenecks, neon rain slickers, and, yes, even puppy pea coats. We dare you to find an ugly squeaky toy here. The cute and plushy playthings might make you think you’re actually buying something for a child. In fact, everything at DoggyStyle is of such great quality that even humans might be tempted to borrow from their pet. The shop’s jeweled collars would look great on anyone’s wrist, the designer beds appear comfy enough to double as a floor cushion, and a dog-food brand called Grandma Lucy’s goes so far as to boast that its “human-quality ingredients” make for “treats you can eat.” The shop also offers expert grooming services at both of its locations to keep your best friend looking clean and pretty. 73 Thompson Street, 212-431-9200 (10012); 46 University Place, 212-228-5824, (10003);

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