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There’s still no topping Marie’s Crisis, “where showtunes come to die—but you have a helluva time while they’re doing it.” The long-running West Village dive, complete with an always-smudged mirror behind the bar, is a zingy neighborhood party full of every boozy theater hound in town, uniting in multiple harmony to songs from Gypsy and Les Mis. It’s as if the ghost of Christmas future were showing the cast of Glee what they will someday become. House pianists including Jim Allen, Dexter Watson, and Franca Vercelloni tinkle the Gershwin, Sondheim, and Schwartz tunes of your dreams (put a dollar in their fishbowl, and they’ll play just about anything); singing waitrons like Maggie Wirth entertain with novelty numbers from Chicago and Steel Pier; and the place reeks of insouciant fun, as if no one’s really in charge or watching, so it’s a great moment to let loose and let it shine. Be wicked—and by the way, anyone who can get down the narrow steps to the bathroom and back again deserves a curtain call. 59 Grove Street (10014)

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