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Sportscasters have a knack for ruining a game by pumping their phony gravitas and see-through sentiment into every play. That’s why Mike Breen is so refreshing. He doesn’t force faulty narratives on you, just exciting play-by-play with a “BANG!” or two peppered in here and there. His style is reminiscent of Marv Albert at his best, and he adds a classy sheen to Knicks games. Even when the Knicks were floundering, having him on the call made it seem like you were watching a top-quality product. Breen has such a great rapport with Walt “Clyde” Frazier, his flamboyantly dressed, smooth-talking boothmate, we often find ourselves wishing a director would put them in a buddy-cop movie together. Even though he sometimes calls games for ESPN in addition to MSG, Breen’s not a pupil of ESPN’s School of Shoehorning Pseudo-Clever Quips into Every Broadcast. More often than not, a simple, “Throws it down!” is all he needs.

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