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Really, there isn’t much argument about who the best rookie in New York sports has been this past year. It’s Met pitcher Dillon Gee. Barring some phenomenal performance by a new Jet or Giant, Dillon Gee-Whiz, as some of the signs at CitiField have dubbed him, has been heaven-sent. He finished 13-6, and if his 4.43 ERA seemed a bit high, it was largely because the Mets bullpen was so unreliable. So far, the knock on DG is that his fastball isn’t all that fast (about 90 mph) and his change-up isn’t all that slow. But as long as he continues to get batters out, we couldn’t care less if he splits the difference on every hitter. He was an island of calm in the Mets’s sea of turmoil. Figure it this way: Dillon was seven games over .500, while the rest of the Mets’s pitching staff was 15 under.

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