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The right to bear arms is kind of limited in the state of New York to say the least—and for most of us. It’s one the strictest states in the nation with regard to the purchase, possession, and carrying of handguns. Westside Rifle & Pistol Range makes the hassle of shooting a gun a whole lot easier. No, Westside is not some dude selling guns in back of the van. Aside from catering to hunting enthusiasts and cops, Westside welcomes inquisitive first-time shooters who’ve always wondered what it’s like to pull the trigger. Westside tells you that even in anti-gun Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s city, one does not need a permit to shoot a .22-caliber rifle. All you need is to take a safety course, which Westside provides. However, first-time visitors should call five days before scheduling a visit, so Westside can conduct a criminal background check. After that, you’re all set to fire away. 20 West 20th Street, 212-929-7287, (10011)

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