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Best Ski/Snowboard Shop


There aren’t a great many ski and snowboarding shops in the city, and if you go to one, you want it to be a store that has been around for a while. Well, Emilio’s has been selling and renting ski equipment for more than half a century and in the process has added snowboarding to its specialties. Its complete service workshop is the best for proper turning of skis and snowboards for optimum performance—and if you didn’t know the equipment needs to be turned, you really need to come to Emilio’s. What’s that? You might give skiing and snowboarding a shot if you knew what to wear? Ski fashion changes constantly, and Emilio’s is on top of it. And, finally, staffers can set you up with day and weekend trips to local ski slopes. 112-28 Queens Boulevard, Queens, (11375)

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