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Best Strategy From Here Through Maternity


Instead of going in for pricey duds that either won’t fit you in a few months or will depress you if they do, avoid the maternity-clothing racket altogether and think low-cost fast-fashion fabrics. Head to Uniqlo, the “new-style Japanese firm,” whatever that means, for jeggings, jeans, and pants with elastic waistbands to carry you from the “is-she-getting-fat” weeks straight through the “that-lady’s-gonna-drop-one-soon” stretch of the pregnancy. H&M is the spot for sweaters and inexpensive knit jersey dresses. For your midsummer swell-up, check out Forever 21 for shorts and skirts with elastic waistbands. All three places sell most items for $30 or less, so you’re not breaking the bank on clothing you don’t won’t need for long, and because you’re buying things that are elastic, they can be worn after the baby is born. Plus, H&M and Forever 21 both have tiny maternity clothing sections, so you can pick up, say, maternity leggings if that’s your thing. Uniqlo, 546 Broadway, 917-237-8811, (10012); H&M, various locations,; Forever 21, various locations,


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