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Best Tiny Store for Home Goods


It is fitting that in the midst of Hurricane Irene fervor, when drugstores across the city were completely emptied of flashlights, tiny home-goods store Lancelotti, which exists in maybe 100 square feet of space, still had miniature LED flashlights on hand and stayed open late to sell us two. Along with your natural-disaster preparedness needs, Lancelotti is chock-full of adorable items perfect for gifts (even if they are for yourself, because you know you’ll be tempted to keep them) as well as practical stuff you need to have but want with a dash of style. There are dishes, glassware, bedding, pillows, rugs, clocks, bath goods, and even items of furniture like tables and lamps, as well as candles, soap, a variety of kitchen goods, and more. Everything is on the higher-end side, so prepare to spend more money than you would at a discount place or department store, but the convenient East Village location and the fact that they manage to get so many adorable things into such a small space makes this spot our go-to for its colorful eyeful of quirky, modern home decor. 66 Avenue A, 212-475-6851, (10009)

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