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New York smokers have been in full retreat for more than a decade now, their declining ranks banished from just about every kind of indoor establishment and even from public parks. For the beleaguered survivors of a dying tribe, there is no more comforting refuge than the palatial temple to the glamour of nicotine that is the Nat Sherman store across from Bryant Park. The smart-suited staff members stand ready to answer any questions. Nat Sherman serves the full spectrum of the smoking market, with handsomely packaged cigarettes and pipe tobacco so beautiful they make nonsmokers think twice about their aversion to lung cancer. You might find better deals on some cigars at other shops, but none of them have quite the institutional polish of Nat Sherman, the cavernous walk-in humidor, the three wood-paneled stories evoking a private English club. Aficionados might consider membership in the Johnson Club, a private room where cigar-savoring elites enjoy the finer things. The rest of us can content ourselves with some colorful fantasia cigs or a fat Banker Maduro. 12 East 42nd Street, 800-692-4427, (10017)