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Trivial Dispute isn’t exactly the most polished trivia night, but it has extremely generous prizes. And whereas many trivia nights are dominated by long-standing teams of imposing experts, Trivial Dispute keeps a good balance between the regulars and the walk-ins. Even if you don’t rustle up the courage to sign up for the written-answer portion of the event, every night, there are 20 to 25 “shot-questions,” open to anyone in the bar. Answer right, and you will be rewarded immediately with a shot. This sort of incentive system leads to the expected rollicking results. Fortunately, all three bars that host this night offer each team two free pizzas with four toppings, so you’ll have something to sop up your winnings and stay sharp through the later rounds. First prize for the night is a $40 bar tab, second is $20, and third is the ever-changing contents of the Bag of Mystery. Mondays at the Alligator Lounge, 600 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn (11211); Tuesdays at the Charleston, 174 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn (11211); Wednesdays at the Crocodile Lounge, 325 East 14th Street (10003)

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