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Best Weekend Getaway


The closest you can get to some breathing room—let alone fresh air—might be when you stumble upon the East River. Let’s face it: You need to get away more often. A perfect weekend escape that allows you to take in a fresh ocean breeze, the bluest of skies without those looming skyscrapers is Asbury Park. And no, it’s not that kind of Jersey Shore. A 90-minute train ride from the city on New Jersey Transit, and you’re in a place that offers a lot more than just being Bruce Springsteen’s early musical stamping ground. The iconic boardwalk, built in the late 19th century, has had a major resurgence with a slew of new shops and good, affordable, dining selections. How to make the best of your precious two-day leave from the city that never sleeps? Find a B&B, of course. Reserve a night at one of the surrounding B&B’s. (They usually offer beach towels, beach tickets, and a local perspective on where to eat, and what to do.) A weekend gives you enough time for sun-bathing, a night in a real house (and not in your tiny apartment), and strolls down the boardwalk. You’re also right at the gateway to the spirited nearby town of Ocean Grove and within easy distance of a few rounds of pinball at the Silverball Museum Arcade.

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