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Best Winter Escape


Concrete is no cure for cabin fever. But the Catskills are. The Roxbury Motel is the ultimate destination for those city dwellers who prefer to get close to nature while wearing comfy slippers and a cozy robe. The Roxbury, which calls itself a “boutique motel,” stands out in this quaint woodsy town, thanks in part to its cool neon lights at night. Each room has its own theme—”The Mod Pod,” “Golightly-a-Go-Go,” and so on—but if you cringe at that, you’ll embrace its exquisite spa, equipped with a steam room, hot tub, private massage rooms and a relaxation room, filled with books and magazines and overlooking a beautiful creek. Surrounding the hotel is a small village, with a couple of restaurants and other amenities. 2258 County Highway 41, Roxbury, New York, 607-326-7200,

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