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Holy shit, we’re on The Biggest Loser! Just kidding, but working out at Barry’s Bootcamp certainly feels like it. More than 10 years since it launched in über-fit West Hollywood, Barry’s Bootcamp is finally in New York, led by trainer and co-president Joey Gonzalez. Many celebs swear by this boot-camp method. The tactic here is a specific sort of training that targets a different major muscle group each day through a one-hour class that includes 30 minutes of interval cardio on treadmills, 30 minutes of strength training using free weights, and traditional military exercises that don’t require that you go to Afghanistan. You don’t need to be a workout drudge to fully enjoy this extensive workout/routine. The trainers’ intensity and motivation helps you exceed your personal best, and you’ll easily see and feel yourself getting stronger and fitter. 135 West 20th Street, 646-559-2721, (10011)

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