Download: Dub Trio’s Mad, Masterful “Control Issues Controlling Your Mind”


For seven years, Brooklyn echo-scuzz bruisers Dub Trio have been pretty much uncontested in the admittedly small field of mixing art-metal with vintage dub. Since the dubstep explosion has pretty much taken their attitude to wubbier conclusions, Dub Trio has gone even noisier, meanier, and skronkier on their fourth album, IV (due October 25 via ROIR). The result sounds like a demented smoke-out between Unsane and King Tubby—song titles include “Swarm” and “Noise.” A few songs on IV lean towards the bassier tendencies of modern dubstep—bassist Stu Brooks admits to being a fan of Skrillex and Datsik, not to mention OG aggro-dubster Mick Harris. But first taste “Control Issues Controlling Your Mind” is more of the dub-metal madness they’ve been grinding at for years, sounding a little like Isis circa In The Absence Of Truth until it collapses in on itself for a masterful, mathy breakdown full of slapbacked drums, rubbery static and outstretched feedback.

Q&A: Dub Trio bassist Stu Brooks on “Control Issues Controlling Your Mind”

What does the title “Control Issues Controlling Your Mind” mean?

Whatever you want it to mean. Stop trying to control me.

What inspired the track musically?

The commune outside of Rennes, France called Chevegne and Peter Gabriel’s song “Sludgehammer” [sic].

How did you approach IV differently than your last record?

We wrote most of it on the road except for two songs, which we wrote in the studio. We used multiple studios in NYC and recorded all the basics in one day at Avatar. Otherwise, not that much differently, just wanted to make a heavy record.

What can you tell us about the disgusting noise at the beginning of this track?

Not sure; we thought it was kind of gorgeous.

How did you construct the super dubby breakdown in the center of this song?

We wanted to make a dub section that had spurts of schizophrenia while slowly shrinking back down to its former other self.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in NYC?

Closing CBGB’s with Bad Brains!

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Dressler, M Noodle, Aurora.

The record release party for Dub Trio’s IV is November 10 at Mercury Lounge.

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