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How Many Cops Does It Take to Get a Squirrel Out of a CVS?


A wild squirrel walked into the CVS at 116th Street and Lenox Avenue on Monday morning and then just stayed, pigging out on delicious mixed nuts for four days, reports DNA Info. This is not only notable because there’s video, but also because the squirrel entranced many a staffer and even random onlookers, none of whom could catch him. By this morning, he’d made it to the window, where he got stuck, perhaps from all the mixed nuts he’d been eating.

Around 10 a.m., two police officers assigned to a local precinct who were passing by the store stopped in to tell staff the squirrel was there. A half hour later, the store’s manager put a call in to police to make an official request for help getting the squirrel out of the store. By 10:45, four more police had arrived — including two wearing rubber gloves — to remove the critter.

The squirrel was removed by the officers by noon today, and has been called vicious by Fox News. He will only shop at Duane Reade from here on out, and he does not find your “nut” joke amusing.

The answer is six, plus whoever answered the phone.

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