NY Tofu House Coming to St. Marks Place. Soylabrate!


More signage is up at NY Tofu House, a new Korean eatery opening up at 6 St. Marks Place, formerly the site of Mondo Kim’s (R.I.P.). The restaurant will, naturally, specialize in tofu, plus a variety of other Korean specialties.

According to the East Village Local, the restaurant will make its own tofu daily, grinding organic soy beans by hand in a traditional large stone bowl in the restaurant’s front window. A dumpling station will also be visible through the window, à la Mandoo Bar. The windows are still papered up, but if you need to sate your soy cravings, turn to our Our Man Sietsema’s guide to tofu and soy snacks around town. Try checking out the similarly named BCD Tofu House, which specializes in the soupy tofu called soon dubu.

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