Sally Struthers Wants To Do Annie On Broadway


The show, that is.

The Emmy-winning comic actress known for of All in the Family and Gilmore Girls is currently playing the wicked Miss Hannigan in an L.A. production of Annie, but she openly admits she wants the part in the Broadway revival coming on the boards.

Sally tells why the part is appealing to her:

“She is a maniac and that allows me to be as zany as I can be at any moment.

“I can do any facial expression or anything I want with my legs — the thing about Hannigan is that she’s always ready to explode.

“I will say that, unlike a lot of women in comedy, I am not afraid of making myself ugly. If anything, I leap over the line.”

Leapin’ lizards!

She’s willing, daring, and she already knows the lines!

Give Sally the part!

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