Target to Sell Only Sustainable Seafood by 2015


First of all, Target sells seafood? Second of all, this is good news considering the deplorable state of our oceans right now. Overfishing has depleted populations of fish like cod and tuna to dangerous lows, making the fact that a chain with 1,762 locations is committing itself to sustainable seafood pretty important. The Los Angeles Times reports that Target will only sell 50 different brands of fish approved by the Marine Stewardship Council or the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Target also claims that its fish will be traceable, which is a bit harder to swallow.

The chain is teaming up with nonprofit FishWise to implement a tracking system, which will not be easy, according to the group’s executive director Tobias Aguirre:

Tracing Target’s fish from the water to the store is likely to be more difficult because “there is no national traceability policy and the seafood supply chains are incredibly complex,” Aguirre said. Supplier audits and a tracking system are among the tools FishWise plans to implement in partnership with Target.

Still, it’s commendable that they’re even trying. What if you don’t want to go to Target for your sustainable seafood needs? You can always head to the Union Square Greenmarket and stop by Blue Moon, which arguably sells the freshest sustainable seafood in the city. And don’t forget oysters are one of the most sustainable sea creatures you can eat, seeing as they actually clean the water they’re living in. Find the tastiest ones with our list of the 10 best places to slurp raw oysters in New York.