Gayle King Is Nice, But Spike Lee Snubbed Me


The opening-night party for Broadway’s The Mountaintop — the play that imagines an encounter between Martin Luther King and a motel maid — brought a luminous bunch of biggies to Espace last night.

Gayle King was nice, as always, and when I told her I liked her Lady Gaga interview, she lit up and said, “She’s not only talented; she’s very smart!”

But when I asked Spike Lee what he thought of the play, he turned around to look at me for a second, then kept on walking!

I’m going to have to Google everything I’ve ever written about him to see which column was the deal breaker.

Anyway, wunderkind producer Jordan Roth didn’t dis me when I asked what his cameo on the upcoming series Smash — about the making of a Broadway show — consists of.

Roth said the scene took place at Bond 45, where he called the director (played by Jack Davenport) over to talk about a project, leaving the producer (Anjelica Huston) to carry on her own scene at her table.

“I had two lines,” said Roth, “but I ad-libbed a third and I think it might get in.”

Fab! Think I can get three lines in the next Spike Lee film?

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