George Clooney Is Our Best Old-School Movie Star


And by that I mean he harkens back to an era when movie stars were glamorous, a tad enigmatic, and full of instantly turn-on-able charm.

What’s more, he’s a reliable presence in movies, and no matter what he plays, he’s always George Clooney, which winds up being extremely comforting for the viewer who wants just that.

Clooney can play an agent, a political candidate, or a big businessman, but you can always turn to him for that Clooney grin, those offhand remarks, and the fact that even if he’s supposed to be a sleazeball, you’ll be under his spell the way you were with Cary Grant or any number of 1930s matinee idols who could blithely alternate between light and dark.

He simply has “it” — and it’s not something that can be learned or store-bought. You simply exude it or you don’t, and Clooney’s always had it, making the act of igniting a movie camera look as effortless as charming talk-show hosts.

What’s more, Clooney doesn’t seem to age, and even if he does, Hollywood will long have a spot reserved for him as someone who provides the time-tested thrill of good old movie stardom.

I just saw The Idea of March, which he directed and co-starred in, and I’m going to see The Descendants, the Alexander Payne.

It’s another big year for the man George Clooney and his gifts.

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