Ira Glass Responds to the Ira Glass Sex Tape!


Earlier this week, the Voice reported about Julian Joslin’s shocking discovery of a (public radio) celebrity sex tape between This American Life’s Ira Glass and Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.

Below, read Glass’s response to the scandal.

ACT II: Just what did Glass think of the scandalous sex tape, and Joslin’s amazing impersonation of him? Here’s Ira in his own words:

I’ve listened to about three minutes of it. His imitation of my writing and delivery are so dead-on, it was hard to keep listening and I stopped. If I had to articulate why, I think it was because hearing his version of me, made what I do on the air seem kind of dumb. And the impersonation was so good, I couldn’t really pick a fight with it. So I had to decide, do I want to see myself as kind of trite and dumb? Seemed better to stop. Maybe I’ll go back sometime.

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