Ira Glass Responds to the Ira Glass Sex Tape!


Earlier this week, the Voice reported about Julian Joslin’s shocking discovery of a (public radio) celebrity sex tape between This American Life’s Ira Glass and Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.

After the jump, read Glass’s response to the scandal, when our blog post continues.

ACT II: Just what did Glass think of the scandalous sex tape, and Joslin’s amazing impersonation of him? Here’s Ira in his own words:

I’ve listened to about three minutes of it. His imitation of my writing and delivery are so dead-on, it was hard to keep listening and I stopped. If I had to articulate why, I think it was because hearing his version of me, made what I do on the air seem kind of dumb. And the impersonation was so good, I couldn’t really pick a fight with it. So I had to decide, do I want to see myself as kind of trite and dumb? Seemed better to stop. Maybe I’ll go back sometime.

If you missed the sex tape, complete with Ira’s adventure’s with Terry Gross’s “NPR member station,” here it is:

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