Long Island Winemaker Makes Vinegar (On Purpose)


Most winemakers wouldn’t brag about making vinegar. But Wölffer Estate, on Long Island, is shouting it from the rooftops. It’s just released its Wölffer Aged Rosé Vinegar, ideal for vinaigrettes or a simple mignonette sauce to go with your Long Island oysters.

So, how does wine turn to vinegar? Well, as you may have heard through the, ahem, grapevine, leaving wine open for too long can cause it to spoil and, as the saying goes, turn to vinegar. But if you think you can leave your bottle of rosé out and end up with this stuff, you’re in for a nasty surprise. It takes special bacteria and controlled aging to make great wine vinegar. So, probably best to leave it to the pros. Although, if you do want to have a crack at making your own, here’s a handy guide.

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