M. Wells Hits the Road


No word yet on when M. Wells will be back up and running — or even where exactly, although it will likely be in Long Island City — but that doesn’t seem to have owners Sarah Obraitis and Hugue Dufour too worried. They send around word today they they’ll be taking their show on the road … back to where it all started: Montreal.

If you happen to be north of the border this weekend, check in with the M. Wells team as they cook with the folks from Grumman 78, Montreal’s first taco truck. They’ll be whipping up a $60 meal, complete with hockey on TV, at Atwater Market. And if you’re headed down south, Dufour and company will be in Atlanta next weekend, cooking at Gato Bizco diner. Or you could be a total psycho and follow them around, Deadhead style. Tempting, no?