Penguin Prison Filming Video For “Don’t Fuck With My Money” at Occupy Wall Street


Another addition to the growing list of musicians supporting Occupy Wall Street: Chris Glover, the native New Yorker behind the electro-pop project Penguin Prison will be filming a video for the song “Don’t Fuck With My Money” tomorrow morning. The synth-wiggle track has been around longer than the Zuccotti Park drum circle, but it’s an uncanny crossover, so he and director Jake Sumner will be meeting prospective extras at Maiden Lane and Broadway around 8am, heading over to Liberty Plaza, and then marching to Times Square at 11, all while shooting a video. Full details below. Also, how was not already taken?

Tomorrow on Saturday, October 15th at 08:00AM we are calling all Occupy Wall Street supporters and Penguin Prison fans to join Chris Glover and Jake Sumner the video’s director on a protest march that will take us from Liberty Plaza at 08:00AM where Penguin Prison will perform his forthcoming single ‘Don’t F**k With My Money” for the official video. We will then will proceed to leave Liberty Plaza with fellow protesters (and YOU!) to march on forward all the way up to Times Square from 11AM.

The Plan: Meet Penguin Prison and us on the corner of Maiden Lane and Broadway (1 block North of the plaza) at 8:00AM, where we can proceed to Liberty Plaza together.

08:00AM – Strength in numbers! Join the protest, be heard and be in Penguin Prison’s video that is already steadily becoming the anthem for this movement!

11:00AM – This is when authorities are kicking everyone out of Liberty Plaza and when we will all begin the march uptown that will eventually lead us to Times Square by the late afternoon.

New Yorkers, PLEASE spread the word to your friends, on your blogs, write about it and be sure to join us for this Occupy Wall Street march and to be in Penguin Prisons official music video, directed by the talented Jake Sumner.

See you tomorrow and remember to SPEAK LOUD AND CLEAR TO WALL STREET!



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