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Places Where You Can Feel Younger


My whole life, I was always the young one.

I was the youngest (and in fact only) one in my family.

The youngest one in school.

The new kid at work.

And then something happened.

Suddenly the years piled on and I started to become one of the older ones. And I hate it!

To avoid that horrid feeling of “oldest one in the room,” I like going to certain places where I can actually feel on the fresh side compared with everyone else there.

To wit:

*Broadway shows. The median age there is generally somewhere in the eighties, so I’m practically jailbait.

*Flea markets. Young folk simply don’t care about collecting ashtrays and damaged dolls from the 1920s. Even if you’re AARP age, the fleas will make you feel young again.

*Townhouse. At the long-running gay bar for oldies and twinks (above), the twinks are getting sparser, but there are always new oldies coming around the bend — in fact, it’s a bottomless pit since the aging process is one of the few things in life you can rely on.

That makes this the perfect place to stand (or actually, sit) next to them and feel young again. Keep glancing to either side of you and exult, “Jeez, I’m not that old!”

Other ideas?

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