The 55-Size Individually Fit Condom Line Is Here


Closing out the week on the condom beat, it’s come to our attention that there’s a new condom out there, being sold by our friends at Condomania who, as we wrote earlier this week, are selling an Occupy Wall Street condom and also kindly giving it away free to protesters. (The company asks that you be patient with your requests as they’ve had a busy week; they will get to you!). But we couldn’t resist asking some more questions, because, well, when you have something of a condom expert on the phone, what else can you possibly do? Adam Glickman of Condomania informed us that there’s a new condom, just out this week, that may change condoms forever.

In response to our question of “What’s your best-selling condom of all time?” Glickman said, “In the world of standard condoms, there are two that have emerged as the real winners. One is in the ultra-thin condom camp; it’s called Crown. It’s really the epitome of Japanese latex technology. Also there’s the Trojan Ecstasy, which is about the shape of the condom — a third of it flares out, and it’s this big, loosely fitting condom that’s lubricated on the inside. As for the unconventional condoms, there’s a line that we just reintroduced that has 55 sizes of condoms.”


The back story on the line is that it existed from 2004 to 2006 (it was called TheyFit back then, and garnered a customer list of 27,000 people). The line came off the market in 2007 due to complexities of making them and issues with the manufacturer. But this week, the line is back, and it’s called Coripa. There’s a fit-kit downloadable that instructs you on measuring width and girth. A condom with a fit-kit. This is, like, the BRA of condoms!

Also, it isn’t a vanity thing — Glickman said that condoms that actually fit are safer, feel better, and, psychologically, people really like the personal fit thing. 5,000 fit kits have been downloaded this week, and a couple hundred people have ordered them.

“Penis size is almost a perfect bell curve,” said Glickman, continuing our highly informative lesson on the subject. “25 percent are under five inches, 50 percent are between 5 and 6 inches, and 25 percent more are above 6. That means one out of every two men can really benefit from the custom-fit. But also, for all the guys in the middle, although they might be fine with the average Trojan, your average condom is 7 and a half inches long, and your average guy is not. The average guy has an extra 2 inches at the tip, but with the custom fit, regardless of the width they stop unrolling where they should.”

The smallest of the Coripa brand is 3 inches, and Glickman says “we sell a ton.” The biggest are almost 10 inches in length, and there’s a corresponding proportional width — “the biggest could easily roll over a Coke can.”

But, sort of brilliantly, there are no real bragging rights because the sizes are random letters and numbers.

“The big daddy is a 59B. The small one is a 61A.”

O.K., maybe there are bragging rights. Glickman tells us that back in 2004 gay men and straight women were actually putting these sizes in personal classifieds, and that certain sizes were as evocative as, say, saying you have a 36C bra size. Amazing.

Coripas are $11.95 for a six pack. Happy Friday!

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