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There Are Sukkahs in Times Square to Celebrate Sukkot


Sukkot is an eight day-long Jewish holiday that this year goes from October 12th to the 21st. One of the traditions of the holiday is the building of a sukkah, a walled, tent-like structure covered in plant material. The sukkah is intended as a memorial of sorts of the time the Israelites spent in exile in the desert, and is designed to eat meals and sleep in during Sukkot. And now there’s one in Times Square, memorializing the Israelites next to M&M World and Scores.

According to the New York Blueprint, the sukkah, located in the Ritz Plaza Firefighter’s Memorial at 235 West 48th Street, is open to the public every day from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Built by real estate company Stonehenge Partners, the sukkah was designed as an ode to the Sukkah City project from last year in Union Square. The sukkah’s facade features a blue sky, sunflowers, and ladybugs. Said Stonehenge Creative Director Michael Stern,

The most important part of the Sukkot observation is warm hospitality, and Stonehenge is pleased to host New Yorkers under the branches of our Sukkah and our rooftops within the city’s skyline.

Elsewhere, Midtown’s Chabad Lubavitch has built a sukkah in Bryant Park every year for the past decade. The large space can fit over 100 people. As Brocha Metzger, wife of Chabad Rabbi Joshua Metzger, told DNA Info, “It’s just not just for Jewish people. It’s a crossroads of the word. It’s means to be a unifying holiday among all the people… a shelter, an oasis.”

The sukkah will be up until the 21st. Not sure how tomorrow’s Occupy Wall Street goings-on in Times Square will affect it.

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