Watch A Cam’ron Question Cause Three Contestants To Get Lost On Jeopardy!


Thanks to Voice pal Mr. Eddie Huang, we came across the above clip of some Jeopardy! contestants who have apparently never seen the video for “Killa Cam.” When supplied with the answer “Rapper Cam’ron had a pink one of these alliterative super-SUV’s, but sold it as it got too much attention,” the three hopefuls stared blankly at Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, who looked a little disappointed that no one knew how to reply to his query. (Trebek: Closet Diplomats fan? Or just irritated that nobody figured out the only SUV out there with an alliterative name is the Range Rover?) While this isn’t the best “Unexpected Cam’ron appearance on national television” moment, it’s definitely going to make it into the top five. A clip from the video featuring the pink Range after the jump.